Workmans' Compensation Lawyer Steven Kitty, Doylestown, PA
Workers' Compensation

We will protect your rights when you are injured at work or while performing your job anywhere, any time when you are on the clock. Call now to learn how you can receive the compensation you deserve. If there is no monetary recovery, there is no fee for our services.

Workers’ Compensation laws can be hard to navigate. The right lawyer, who knows how to prove your injury, file the proper paperwork, and win maximum benefits, can make it easier.

Your first step should be to immediately report the accident to your supervisor, preferably in writing. You should also seek appropriate medical treatment.

Your employer usually has the right to select your treating doctor. Your second step should be to talk with a workers’ compensation attorney.

If your benefits have been denied, miscalculated or terminated . . .let us help. Every case is unique. We cannot guarantee a specific result for you. But we can promise honesty, loyalty, communication and hard work.